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The Sahara® XP is built to handle however many 20-hour days it takes to get the job done.

A new breed of brilliance.

Introducing the Sahara XP from Colorbiotics. This is the toughest, most intelligent Sahara ever assembled. And that means this is the toughest, most intelligent coloring system ever assembled.

Check out the XP’s spec sheet for an in-depth breakdown of dimensions and equipment requirements. The range of options available includes hopper size, motor horsepower, auxiliary pumps and our cold weather package.



Muscle, meet efficiency.

Our patented “push and pull” process keeps the blades inside the mixing chamber turning in one constant direction to conserve energy, while the placement of the blades on the auger throws the mulch in different directions to maximize exposure.

That means you’ll be spending less on energy for each batch while seeing a more consistent coating on each piece of finished product.

It's all about atomization.

Our on-demand atomizer nozzles use the water in your recipe to knife the colorant into the smallest possible particles. It’s the microscopic size of those particles that provides such complete coverage across wood fibers.

They’ll also flush out color and water. Just press a button on the XP’s remote control to take care of cleanout from the comfort of your loader. The nozzles will do the rest, even when it’s freezing cold outside.


Same time. Same place. Same color.

With the Sahara XP’s belt feed hopper, each piece of mulch enters the mixing chamber at the same location and spends the same amount of time getting thrown around inside. That’s why your piles of product will all have a consistent color and coverage across hours, days, weeks or even seasons.

The design of the mixing chamber also reduces wear and tear on blades and liners to cut down on maintenance costs over the lifetime of the machine.

Output: 100 to 350 cubic yards per hour


Smarts come standard.

The all-new GEM Studio communicates with sensors throughout the Sahara XP to capture a continuous stream of production data in real time. Those insights can be used to improve the product on the spot. Or you can crunch the numbers to find hidden dollars and losses in everything from inventory to invoicing.

As simple as push to start.

GEM Studio’s do-it-all interface puts operators one tap away from the perfect recipe — right there on the touchscreen or via any device, anywhere. The user-centered design of GEM Studio’s interface feels natural to navigate, so even your newest hire can work with the efficiency and consistency of an old pro.

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